Timeless Images


Welcome to our website and a little bit about us!

Garry and I have been married for too many years to mention.  We have moved to a new house three times, have two beautiful boys, a dog and oh yes a business together!

Lots of people wonder how we work and live together but we have very separate roles within Timeless Images – which began as a hobby for Mr S!  When people ask, I just reply ‘Garry has a clicky finger on the camera and I do everything else!’ it's not quite that simple but it seems to have worked for over 10 years so we must be doing something right!

Having had our own children, we know how hard it is to be new parents, deal with a 2-year-old tantrum in the supermarket, have a busy job, and try to find time to enjoy life – we understand! The boys are now in their teens so thank fully the tantrum days are over but we still value the time we spend with them - they grow up so fast. 

When we are not at the studio, our perfect day would be a brunch and coffee followed by a lovely walk with Ted (our terrier x ) then back home for a home cooked meal with the boys and a glass of something chilled!

We have been very lucky to have find Sophie and Gemma who work along side us.  

Sophie is currently working on her Business Admin level 3 course at Strode College and when not at work loves her horses, climbing and being involved with Young Farmers!

Gemma has been with us for several years and rescues the accounts to ensure they are correct! Gemma also has two boys so we have alot in common!

Thank you for reading about us...