Cake Smash

Cake Smash Photoshoot

with a little Splish Splash

Professional Cake Smash photography in Bridgwater, Somerset

Bring along with you a birthday outfit for the first part of the session along with balloons and birthday cards – a lovely way to begin a Cake Smash Photoshoot with lots of fun and giggles. 

While we change the studio, get your little one ready for their cake smash allowing your child to explore the sticky, gooey mess of a birthday cake. 

You certainly don’t want to take home a very sticky small person, so we will fill a bath with warm soapy suds for a splishy, splashy bath to take the stickiness away!

 If you would like to go ahead and book, click on the button to find a date and time to suit you.

Ideas for your little one's Cake Smash!

  • Book your little one’s first birthday shoot at around 11 months old and have the images on display at their First Birthday Party!
  • Bring their favourite toy with you to include!
  • Bring along a photo of them when they were first born for them to hold in the photoshoot to show how much they have changed! 
  • Be prepared to have photos taken as a family during this session –  it’s your time in the studio! 
  • Book your session for after your little one’s birthday then bring their birthday cards along to add to an image or two!
Timeless Images icon for £39

Included in your Cake Smash Experience

Drawn image of a watch and a smiling sunshine

Plenty of time

Up to 90 minutes in our Studio in the heart of Bridgwater

Drawn image of teddy bear, bobble hat and boots


Full use of props, wraps, outfits and backdrops

Drawn image of three photos being prepared

Image Preparation

Careful and creative preparation of your images ready for your viewing

Drawn image of popcorn and glasses to bring to your viewing

Private Viewing

1 hour private viewing of your images

Drawn image of a framed portrait

Framed Prints

8x6 art-mounted print of your choice

What to Expect & FAq's

We cannot wait to welcome you to our studio to help you celebrate your little one’s first birthday!

Below you should find answers to some of the questions that you may have before you book your photoshoot…

What to expect at a Cake Smash photo Shoot?

Let’s Celebrate

What better way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday than with a Cake Smash? This is a fun-filled session with giggles and laughter, allowing your child to explore the cake, get all gooey and messy, and then a lovely warm bubble bath!

When you arrive at the studio, Garry, our lead photographer, will have a quick chat about what you want from the session and just go over how the session will run. 

We will begin the session in normal clothes and playtime to get your little one relaxed and used to the environment around them. These create beautiful images without any mess, to begin with, and then move on to the cake smash.  

Your cake smash experience will be a totally relaxed experience and we will be totally driven by your little one. Once they have had time to explore and smash the cake, we will bring a warm bubbly bath into the studio for more giggles in the bathtub! 

We want everyone to enjoy your Cake Smash experience and create some wonderful memories and images for you to treasure. 

What do we need to bring to our Cake Smash?

During the session, Garry will take many images that will create your collection. We want you to enjoy the time you are with us at Timeless Images. 

We will supply props, outfits, bubble baths, towels, and the cake! If you want to add to your little one’s Cake Smash experience then please bring with you their favourite toy, balloons, birthday cards, or a personalised T-Shirt that you can purchase from the Crafty Collective in Bridgwater. 

We provide a squishable sponge cake. If your child has allergies, we recommend supplying your own cake.  If you wish to bring your own cake then that this fine.  Just let us know – we would recommend a cake with butter icing as this is particularly squishable!

After pulling the cake apart then we will get out the bathtub with warm water and lots of suds! Once again please let us know if your child has any allergies to bubble baths and if they do, we may ask you to bring the one that suits your child best!

Can we have family photos taken at our Cake Smash Photo Shoot?

Yes of course.  You may wish to add this at the beginning of the photo shoot before this cake smash so please come prepared for this.  It will also help and encourage your child that this is a safe space as you are all taking part.   Sibling and Pets are also welcome to join in at this part of the photo shoot! 

When can we see our Cake Smash Images?

Once your session has been completed, we will arrange for you to return to our beautiful viewing lounge to see your collection of images.  At this point, you will be able to choose your 8×6 art mounted print that is included in your Cake Smash Experience.  

Please note we do not store your images after the viewing so everyone required to make a decision will need to attend.  

How much will I be spending after my Baby Photo Shoot?

We have a huge range of high-quality products including,

  • WallArt
  • Canvas Wraps / Gift
  • Downloadable Digital images with print copyright,
  • Albums
  • Other Print options

Prices range from £49 to £895 and everything in between. Take a look at Our Product Guide Here 

It is usual for our clients to spend £300 – £500 but this is certainly not expected of everyone and there is no pressure to purchase.  However, most of our clients do add to their orders. 

We can also split the cost over three months should you wish but no order will be delivered until payment is complete.  

If you want to have a chat before your little ones’ cake smash photo shoot, please complete our simple form and we will be in touch.

Please note that your booking is not confirmed in our diary unless payment completed. 

Please call us if you have any questions 01278424040


If you have any questions then please call us 01278424040 or contact us below and we will be in touch!

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