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Baby Photoshoots

Babies change and grow so much during their first year, that in years to come you’ll look back with fondness.  Our Baby Photoshoots are designed for little ones from 4 – 18 months old – Perfect if you are wanting to capture your little one in their first year.  

Capturing their smiles, giggles, and personality during your baby photoshoot in our friendly studio with a lovely bright atmosphere, packed with colours and props to style your session. This is a time none of us can ever get back, which is why it is important not to miss this opportunity to professionally record these early days.  

If parents and or siblings wish to have a photo with your little one, you are more than welcome to join in! 

Timeless Images icon for £39

Included in your Baby Photo Shoot

Drawn image of a watch and a smiling sunshine

Plenty of time

Up to 1 hour in our baby friendly studio in the heart of Bridgwater

Drawn image of teddy bear, bobble hat and boots


Full use of props, wraps, outfits and backdrops

Drawn image of three photos being prepared

Image Preparation

Careful and creative preparation of your images ready for your viewing

Drawn image of popcorn and glasses to bring to your viewing

Private Viewing

1 hour private viewing of your images

Drawn image of a framed portrait

Framed Prints

8x6 art-mounted print of your choice

What to Expect & FAq's

We cannot wait to welcome you to our studio to help you record this wonderful time in your pregnancy! Below you should find answers to some of the questions that you may have before you book your photoshoot…

Where and how long does it last?

All sessions take place in our professional, friendly studio, in Bridgwater, Somerset, and generally last for around an hour! 

What do we need to bring to our baby photoshoot?

During the session, Garry will take many images that will create your collection. We want you to enjoy the time you are with us at Timeless Images. 

If your little one’s sleeping patterns have changed recently and the time of the session is when they should be asleep, tell us and we can move the session in the diary.  A baby that wants to sleep will not be the happy, smiling little one that we want in your photographs. 

Please also ensure that they are not hungry.  We don’t mind small snacks and drinks being given during the session. As parents, we are very aware of the ‘hangry child’ and their lack of cooperation should this be the case!

Clothes…You are welcome to bring a change of clothes to create different looks and we will give you the space in the studio for you to change your baby! We have lots of backgrounds, blankets, and props all of which we can include in your session.   Garry will go through this to check on colours and styles that will suit you and your home. However, if there is anything that you wish to bring to personalise your session then please bring this with you. We love it when families personalise their Portrait Experience.

We will work with your baby and ask you questions about how they can hold their head up or can they sit unaided.  This will help us create the right safe environment for your little one. 

Most of all RELAX – if you are relaxed then this will show your baby that everything is going to be ok. Don’t expect too much – it may take time for them to adjust to their surroundings. If you have older children, then please bring them along to once again give confidence to your baby.

Can we have family photos taken at our baby Photo Shoot?

As a new family, this is the very first time you will have the opportunity to have a family portrait taken. We encourage you to come prepared to have your photograph taken, but it’s not compulsory. If you already have children, they are welcome to join in part of the time in the studio. It’s very important that everyone is included, and you may find that Garry talks to the children more than you to help them be at ease! 

When can we see our Baby Photo Shoot Images?

After your Baby Photo Shoot, we will book a date in our diary about a week later for you to come back and view your lovely images. We’ll walk you through our photography gallery and explain in detail all the different options. You’ll also get a product guide to take away and look through before your viewing.  At your viewing, you will be able to choose your included product of 8×6 art-mounted print.

Please note: We do not store your images after the viewing, so everyone required to make a decision will need to attend. If, for whatever reason, one of you can’t attend, please let us know and we will happily reschedule! 


How much will I be spending after my Baby Photo Shoot?

We have a huge range of high-quality products including,

  • WallArt
  • Canvas Wraps / Gift
  • Downloadable Digital images with print copyright,
  • Albums
  • Other Print options

Prices range from £49 to £895 and everything in between. Take a look at Our Product Guide Here 

It is usual for our clients to spend £300 – £500 but this is certainly not expected of everyone and there is no pressure to purchase.  However, most of our clients do add to their orders. 

We can also split the cost over three months should you wish but no order will be delivered until payment is complete.  

If you want to have a chat before your little ones photoshoot, please complete our simple form and we will be in touch.

Book your Baby Photo Shoot

Book your Baby Photo Shoot using our online calendar.

This will book your session into our diary and we will be in touch with you to confirm your booking. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, please contact us for a chat.

Please note that your booking is not confirmed in our diary unless payment completed. 

Please call us if you have any questions 01278424040


If you have any questions then please call us 01278424040 or contact us below and we will be in touch!

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